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SourceForge: I am so sorry for posting these as download links and not running them through the mirror scheme, I will get to it as soon as I can find some time.

Control Source Code Released
Get it here

XM Finder and Source
Now includes XMocx_A.ocx

Good news, I found the source code to XMocx_A.ocx...
funny it was in the archive on the project page all the time,
just hidden in a zip file in a zip file.. Here it is extracted from the mess...XMocx_A.ocx Source

If I remember correctly, the OCX files are identical except one thing. In the very original OCX, I had a function misspelled, and because people had already started using the OCX in their programs, I wanted to allow the users and/or other developers to share one OCX which could be upgraded without breaking their programs.; Well, I had to keep the old misspelled function for old support of the original users, so it was a misspelled alias function. I beleive the only difference in XMocx.ocx and XMocx_A.ocx is the A version breaks compatiability and I removed the old function. I just named it something different to distinguish the differences and allow new programmers to have a upgradable control name. I do not beleive there are very many programs that use A since its code was burried deep within zip files. I do recommend you use _A on all programs, because, If I do any updates, which I do not see much of doing ATM, I will only update _A. I can add functions and keep it compatiable, but I can not remove them.
XM Direct to PCR program.

Download the XMD2PCR here!

It follows the ruleset:

If we get F2 FA
Send 74 00 01

If we get E4 01 00 80
Send 74 0D

If we get E4 01 00 8D 01
Send 74 02 01 01

If we get E4 01 00 82
Send 74 0B 00      

Let me know if this works for you.
It should, once you select the comm port and click init, do a message box and exit if the direct is not in pcr mode.
If the direct is already in pcr mode then the program will sit and do nothing.